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On January 2, 2015 I woke up and decided I would do a photo shoot every day of 2015. Ambitious, to say the least. I did okay for about 2 months, and then not as well going into the summer. Then in June I gave myself permission to just try to take 1 picture every day, with my iPhone if necessary, and things picked up. I still didn't take a photo every day, but I did amass more than 365 images, so I feel like it's a win.

If the photo has (IG) after it, it's from Instagram. If it has no indication, it was taken with my Canon Rebel.
365in2015: 12.31.15: Glittery Leaves (IG)365in2015: 12.28.15: Organizing Pictures (IG)365in2015: 12.24.15: Star Wars at the Cinerama (IG)365in2015: 12.22.15: A Little  Gilt and Glamour (IG)365in2015: 12.16.15: When the Morning Feels like the Night (IG)365in2015: 12.15.15: Yesterday (IG)365in2015: 12.9.15: Moody But Bright at McCaw Hall (IG)365in2015: 12.14.15: Composition (IG)365in2015: 12.10.15: Perfect Curl (IG)365in2015: 12.9.15: Wool (IG)365in2015: 12.9.15: Moody Morning (IG)365in2015: 12.5.15: Meringue (IG)Girl w/ Umbrella, 12.5.15 (365in2015)365in2015: 12.1.15: Seattle Aquarium (IG)365in2015: 11.30.15: Bicycle Art (IG)365in2015: 11.28.15: Seattle Evening (IG)365in2015: 11.28.15: Seattle Morning (IG)365in2015: 11.28.15: Seattle Aquarium (IG)365in2015: 11.27.15: Moss (IG)365in2015: 11.26.15: Bread (IG)